Father helping his son with homework

Student/Parent Login

Parents may login anytime to check grades and homework of their child. Everyone has their own password, so no one else can see their grades, and they need only one login to check all their classes. This includes grades on all assignments, report cards, attendance, individual comments, class announcements, and school announcements

Login ID’s

Parents login using the Student ID#, or they can simply use the student’s full name. (It recognizes either the legal name or preferred name, like Michael Smith or Mike Smith, but not last-name-first, like Smith, Mike. If two students have the same name, it finds the one with the matching password.)


Random passwords are generated for each new student and parent/contact. The first time they login, they are prompted to choose their own password and enter their contact info. (Passwords are not reset each year, so they can continue using the same password.)

Reset Passwords

On the login screen, students and parents can click “Forgot Password”, then it will email you a link to choose a new password. But if your email address is not already in the database (or it is incorrect), you’ll need to contact the school administrator.

Multiple Children

Parents who have more than one child in the school can view all their children from the same login. The parent must use the same email address and choose the same password for each child, which is what they would naturally do, so no extra setup is required. (This applies only to parents; siblings cannot see each other’s grades.)
The parent can login using any one of their children’s name and school. Then once logged in, they can use the menu at the top left to switch children.
Also when a parent updates their own contact info on the “Settings” tab, it updates on all their children’s records.

Homework & Calendar

Students and parents see a Homework screen listing all current homework and upcoming tests for all their classes, and even reminders of missing assignments


Please check for occasional announcements online for students and parents

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